Faulty Logic Chart

This chart was posted on FB the other day and I liked it so much that I shared it.  My college roommate immediately asked me if it made me think about our classes where we actually studied this material – LOGIC!  I loved that class, even if it drove me crazy back then.  And I loved the mathematical classes that used the same basic stuff – all the way to vector mechanics.  (Yes, a rabbi and engineer who took and liked vector mechanics in undergrad  – as an elective!)

Then I was sent some emails with really faulty logic by people I like and admire – and it became clear that there was a value to be offered in helping people see the faulty logic used in the emails and sites that become SO PROLIFIC, especially in a political year.

So – this blog will look at those (send me one you would like me to evaluate and I just might do that!) emails, postings and sites.  I do NOT care whether they are right of left, Republican, Democratic, Libertarian or Green or anything else.  All I am going to do is examine the logic – and maybe have some fun doing it.  I plan to be concise and accurate.  Please do not take offense – I am not arguing the right to hold a position or opinion – I will only be looking at the logic (or lack thereof) in my analysis.

Thanks for reading!

ps:  the chart can be found on this site: logic chart


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